Editor's Note

Although a year has passed, many of us in lockdown are still grappling with the upending unreality of the prolonged pandemic which we yearn will be over soon but which nonetheless appears at times to be stretching into the yawning abyss of eternity. In the face of the uncertainties and anxieties, tribute ought to be paid to every one of us who are in one way or another endeavouring to anchor ourselves to a sense of normality and to remain steadfast in the many capacities we assume. Especially at times like this, it is only right that we strive to be more sensitive to others around us and to their plights. And it behoves us as teachers at any and all levels to inquire after our students, for they are a vulnerable group which has been greatly impacted by the pandemic. In this spirit, this issue of inspired features a research-based essay by the esteemed Professor Datuk Dr Mohd Tajudin Ninggal on the impact of the pandemic on online learners. The other feature in this issue is a five-minute interview with Prof Dr Siti Aishah Hashim Ali on the perks of OUM’s en bloc credit transfer scheme. The regular my_philosophy column has had to be held over as it is not yet safe enough to set up a photography session.

Best wishes

Dr David Lim